eɑt pizzɑ, fuck bitches

to win my heart, buy me pizza and complement my personality. ♡

each girl in the 5sos fam is either…


Ashton girls: All chirpy and happy and laugh at anything.

Calum girls: Full of innuendos and sex jokes that make everyone laugh the most.

Luke girls: Are the cuties and spend alot of time screaming over luke’s new found ‘punk’.

Michael girls: Are the horny ones, lets face it.

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But just imagine 5sos in china

Chinese person: Ching Chong cha chi
Michael: what is he saying Calum?
Calum: I hate you Michael.

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"luke is 18 tomorrow"

"luke is almost legal"

"luke is officially an adult tomorrow"

"hemmo1996 is no longer our baby"


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